Envisioned by Hope in Haringey’s Arts Projects Officer & Aseptic Studios Co-founder, Richard Dixon, TRADE saw 9 Haringey schools pair with businesses from across Haringey for a photography exhibition at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Lining the halls of Tottenham Hotspurs East Atrium Lounge, the TRADE Photography Exhibition welcomed 400 attendees to the 2023 Haringey Youth Summit.

As a collaborative project envisioned by Photography Studio Co-Founder and Hope in Haringey Arts Officer, Richard Dixon, TRADE offered work experience opportunities to Hope in Harigney’s educational partners and young creatives.

TRADE Photography Exhibition led by Richard Dixon and Chloe Hedman

The project was unique in its approach to student development, getting the young photographers out of the classroom and into the businesses they captured. This allowed students to witness first-hand how a business operates and how customers are affected. To truly capture the vibrancy of Haringey, a range of businesses were included in the project. Ranging from Barbers, partyware stores and chicken shops to glasscutters, framers, dry cleaners, butchers and cafés, these nine businesses represent just a fraction of Haringey’s services and diverse economy.


The nine pairings for the exhibition were:  Harris Academy Tottenham & Chick King, Haringey Learning Partnership at 46 Park Rd, College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL) at Celebrations Partyware, Heartlands High School at Tops Dry Cleaners, Greig City Academy at The Hampstead Butcher & Providore, Woodside High School at Vintiner T & Co, Park View School at Diamond Barbers, London Academy of Excellence at Fieldseat Café and Gladesmore Community School at Cut Glass studio.

TRADE will be on display at Aseptic Studios on March 30th. Studio 517, Unit 10 Highcross Centre, N15 4BE between 4pm & 9pm

Co-project managing the exhibition was Hope in Haringey Projects Manager, Chloe Hedman. On the collaboration, she said “seeing the exhibition come to life really made me feel proud to work with them and be a young person from Haringey. Throughout the project the young people were far more professional than I would have been at their age and their hard work really shows in the overall exhibition. Thank you to all of the schools for working with us too. This project would not happen without their help.”

Helping the young photographers get to grips with the brief and equipment was Hope in Haringey Communications Manager, Omar Alleyne-Lawler. “Part of Richard’s vision meant putting disposable cameras in the hands of people who have never seen, let alone used one before. So, to go from never touching this type of camera before to producing some truly amazing photographs is a testament to their talent. I’m immensely proud of them and I look forward to what they create in the future.”

The exhibition will be re-displayed at Aseptic Studios in Tottenham Hale on March 30th between 4 and 9pm. Free reservations to see the exhibition are available on Eventbrite. This opportunity offers to further the profiles of young photographers and allow members of the public better celebrate Haringey’s young artists.

Once the Aseptic tour of the exhibition is complete, Hope in Haringey has agreed to send the photographs to the schools of the photographer’s origin.