What We Do

“Hope in Haringey works with communities that contain huge talent and potential despite historic disadvantage and challenge." John Wood MBE

Hope in Haringey is a local, community-based charity that has been established to serve the needs of children and young adults in the London Borough of Haringey and its environs.

The organisation is based on Christian values and through a variety of targeted programmes works in areas of social deprivation to bring support, advice and above all hope to communities where social cohesion and aspiration may be under threat.

Hope in Haringey – rooted in Tottenham’s constitution has the sole aim of enhancing the life chances of Haringey’s young people between the ages of 4 to 24. We deliver this aim through four core programmes, early intervention, short-term counselling, employability mentoring, diversionary sports and arts programmes and bringing young people and the police together through structured engagement events.

This recent youth summit video gives you a feel for our work.

Currently the main priorities for Hope in Haringey are;

Our journey from Hope in Tottenham to Hope in Haringey can be seen by clicking the links below;