Spearheaded by Youth Manager Eleanor Henderson and Mentoring Manager, Lily Miller, Hope in Tottenham’s mentoring project is ready for rapid acceleration in 2021.

By Omar Alleyne-Lawler, Communications Manager

The crown jewel of the project now takes its pride of place as ten of Haringey Council’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB) members have already been connected with their mentors ahead of their first meeting in the coming weeks.

This marks the continuation of a proud partnership between the YAB and HiT, strengthening the ties between the two organisations going back to Hope in Tottenham’s Youth Summit in 2019. So far, the project has recruited around twenty new mentees, five of which are looking to join uniformed service with another five committed to Media and IT roles.

Additionally, Hope in Tottenham will also be trialling a new mentoring programme with the Metropolitan Police. Based on the wider success of our Police Engagement Programme, this new scheme will allow police officers to refer young people directly into to HiT’s mentoring programme. These decisions will be based on the judgement of individual officers. Hope in Tottenham is ready to offer these vulnerable young people its full and continued community support.

January also marks the launch of two major projects alongside CONEL.

Starting with Career Industry talks and championed by Anna Lowe, founder of Smartphone app Smartify, this first panel addressed 68 IT and Media students on how to get started in the tech sector. Covering start-ups, app development, media and art, the talk equipped the next generation of media innovators with the tools they need to revolutionise the sector.

This project has also led to the green light of a ‘Mentoring Hub’ at CONEL. Present at the college two days a week virtually, the aim is to make this a physical presence once lockdown ends.  Mentoring Manager, Lily Miller explains that this project will elevate HiT’s mentoring presence within the college and give every student the “opportunity to access industry-focused mentoring.”

You can also read our 2019-2020 report in full here: 2019-2020 Mentoring Report