Heather Annan








Trustee for Police Engagement

Heather is an Engagement officer for KS3 students at Heartlands high school. She has worked in education since 2002 and believes that working with young people plays a key role in modelling their future aspirations.

Currently working with youth’s aged 11 to 16, Heather is responsible for putting interventions in place to best support and nurture these youths to remain in education.

Heather is passionate about her job and really cares for the development of the next generation. She has been working alongside the HiH police mentoring program for 3 years and feels that the program benefits young people.

In her spare time, Heather is a volunteer chaplain in a men’s prison where she mentors and encourages inmates to make meaningful changes for when they get out.

Tele: 020 8809 3411