In the first of a two-part Police Engagement Day with Waltham Forest College, TSG Officers hosted Public Service Students in an engaging group session. Getting to try on riot gear and ask questions to experienced Met Officers, it hopes to shape future career options.

By Omar Alleyne-Lawler, Communications Manager

Bouncing back from the bank holiday, Hope in Tottenham launched straight back into its Police Engagement programme with a much-needed TSG Carrier session at Waltham Forest College.

students smile as they wear riot gear and a battering ram outside Waltham Forest College

Students were given the chance to try on equipment they might be wearing if they choose a career in the police.


Catered to Public Service students, learners were keen to see how their classroom learning matched up to the experiences of active-duty officers. As such, the day opened with a classroom-based Q&A session between Public Service students and TSG Officers. In a neutral environment, constables were able to field questions ranging from how to deal with a knife attack, to how much annual leave officers receive.

These sessions are considered important for students looking to evaluate their career options. Currently, Waltham Forest College offers three BTEC levels in Public Service, with potential career opportunities ranging from Police, Ambulance and Fire service roles across the country. With such a diverse range of opportunities and career options varied; these sessions gave students a perspective on their future ambitions.

TSG Officers show a student how to use a riot shield

It was smiles all around as students were shown how to use equipment

Once the classroom portion was over, students were welcomed into the car park for a show and tell session. Allowing students to try on the gear used in public disorders such as riots, Officers encouraged students to pour into the carrier for what provided to be a fun, engaging and career-shaping session.

Development and Mentoring manager, Hannah Whitehead said about the event: “Students seemed engaged with the talk and being out with the van and equipment. It encouraged them to think about their future career prospects.”

The Metropolitan police will continue to engage with Waltham Forest College students throughout this week, with sport being another way a bridge is built between the Met and local community.