Steel pans playing ‘Lil NasX’s ‘Old Town Road’ and the 400 children who sang in harmony best capture the elated atmosphere of the festival’s second day, as students from Seven Sisters and Chestnuts took centre stage.

by Omar Alleyne-Lawler, Communications Intern

With opening words from headteacher Ms Emma Murray, celebrations began with an exhibition of contemporary & Hip hop dancing from (Seven Sisters Dance Troop) to a mash up of Ciara’s ‘Level Up’ & ‘1, 2 Step’

Having whet the appetites of the audience already, the steel pan group retook the stage, performing a collection of traditional Calypso tunes before closing with some easier to recognise pop hits such as Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ which once again had the hall singing along.

By now the audibly excited pupils of Chestnuts school were raring to share the joy which had just been shared with them, performing a Pirate Shanty song followed by ‘Food Glorious Food’ from the Oliver Twist Musical with an unmatched enthusiasm the festival had yet to offer.

With the student performances now over, Officers from the Metropolitan Police’s TSG Unit were welcomed to present to students taking questions on their purpose, roles and lifestyles before encouraging pupils of both schools out into the playground.

Here, the young learners were welcomed to once again engage with the police officers on the scene, try on TSG issue helmets and shields, and even imitate their favourite heroes from the big screen with the gear on.

For those having to wait their turn, local Artists, Oil Painter, Tim Benson and Photographer, Agenda of Visual Marvelry held a gallery viewing in the school’s cafeteria. This rare opportunity allowed students to view the work that was on offer from both Artists as well as that from a pupil referral unit, The Octagon.

President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Tim Beson expressed an admiration for the students who came to the gallery, marvelling at their artistic knowledge. “Some were asking how I contrasted tones and textures and it was amazing-their depth and knowledge is really impressive.”

With cancellations to the festival on Thursday, tomorrow’s visit to Tiverton Primary on Seven Sisters Road will be the final stop of the festivals North London tour.

This article is a republished edition from our 2019 event.