In response to an expressed need from our partner schools for extracurricular creative arts support, HiT is delighted to announce a £5,000 funding grant to begin a pilot arts project this Autumn.

By Omar Alleyne-Lawler, Communications Officer

Recognising that this is a particularly hard time for occupational artists, HiT is keen to support the arts and schools sectors by creating a brand new ten-week arts-based pilot program.

Headed up by interim HiT Youth Manager Eleanor Henderson, local choreographers, artists, musicians, photographers and actors will be offered contracts to run dynamic in and afterschool courses in Haringey schools to enhance their ‘recovery curriculums’ as students return from the COVID-19 lockdown in September.

Motivated by the previous success of the 2019 Schools Arts Festival, this years pilot scheme hopes to give schools a low cost but high worth intervention project going into their 2021 budgets.

Hoping to expand the growing pool of HiT Youth Associates, the ambition is to make a commitment by committing new practitioners to new schools beyond the ten weeks in the near future.

This is a particularly hard time for all those who earn their living in the Arts and HiT is keen to support this sector by connecting these visionaries with our educational settlements.

Interim HiT Youth Manager, Eleanor Henderson comments; “I’m really excited to be heading up this project for HiT, and particularly looking forward to working with artists from a range of exciting disciplines, across drama, photography, dance and more. It is coming at such a crucial time for both the young people taking part and for the practitioners and artists themselves. After months of no face-to-face contact, the arts are an essential forum to reconnect and collaborate with others in a creative, playful and low-pressure capacity. This ten week structure offers the ideal chance to do just that. We can’t wait.”

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