Hope in Tottenham, Sister System and representatives from eleven local schools and colleges gathered at San Marco Restaurant in Bruce Grove to discuss challenges facing their organisations and young people moving into 2022.

By Omar Alleyne-Lawler, Communications Manager.

Organised as an appreciation event to thank partners and supporters of the charity, Hope in Tottenham was proud to host the first of these appreciation events face to face fin almost three years. 

Hope in Tottenham’s vision statement of the night.

Attended by twenty-seven members of staff, principals, headteachers and charity partners, the agenda allowed parties to discuss their challenges and workshop potential solutions around increasing the life chances of Haringey’s young people. 

The discussions were positive and forward-thinking, with some talks going further, announcing upcoming projects and further collaborative opportunities for partners in attendance. 

Bringing together our educational partners, the meeting allowed groups to share expert insights that promise to support the variety of partnership strategies in this new year. As Emma Murray of Seven Sisters Primary School said, “It’s fantastic to still be working with (HiT), finding (mental health) support for students immediately whereas before they were being made to wait several months.” 

Mental health and police engagement partnerships were not the only people celebrated on the night. With Mentoring Manager Eleanor Henderson in attendance, time was also given to Sister System, a fellow mentor-based charity working with vulnerable, care-affected young girls. 

As Executive Principal of Harris Academy Trust, Nick Soar said about Sister Systems’ work: “Speaking to (Sister System Graduate) Angel has been incredibly moving”, and that “if you want to be inspired, all you need is fifteen minutes talking with her.” 

With Hope in Tottenham changing into Hope in Haringey later in 2022, it was a joy to host and celebrate alongside our longest-serving partners and learn how our programmes can best help them going forward. 

Hope in Tottenham would like to thank the representatives from Highgate School, Heartlands School, Park View, Haringey Sixth Form, Woodside High School, Harris Academy Trust, Harris Academy, Seven Sisters Primary, St Pauls and All Hallows, Tottenham University, Waltham Forest College and Sister System for attending; and San Marco for hosting us.