In its ongoing commitment to community cohesion, Hope in Haringey brings the Chair of the Black Police Association, Chris Excell to CONEL and Haringey Sixth Form College in two Black History Month education sessions.

Omar Alleyne-Lawler, Communications Manager

 Hope in Haringey’s Black History Month commitment for 2022 saw the charity continue its commitment to changing perspectives between police and community figures with two police engagement sessions at CONEL and Haringey Sixth Form College.

Under the supervision of Police Engagement Manager, Christina Davis, HiH’s engagement programme provides a space for students and police officers to learn from one another in neutral environments. To mark Black History Month, this session started no differently. Led by Chair of the Black Police Association, Chris Excell, Insp. Excell’s session covered the expected topics such as what a student’s rights are when they are stopped by police.

However, Inspector Excell’s presentation went a little deeper, covering thoughts on race and policing and social policing from his perspective as a Black officer, as well as his ‘giants’ of Black British policing.

Celebrating trailblazers such as Leroy Logan and Norrwell Roberts, Insp. Excell educated students on how their contributions shaped the Met and subsequently, police culture by being ‘the change they wanted to see.’


This personal touch helped connect Chris’s presentation with the students, dissuading the evident apprehension some carried when they first entered. As Shanell Johnson of The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London commented via email: “What our learners came away with was the importance of being able to [communicate], being open minded and learning how to speak up in a supportive way.”

“He spoke elegantly about the need to be disciplined, to help solves problem, being a leader at any stage of your learning journey and working in a team […] He is truly an inspiration.”

Hope in Haringey hopes that by continuing to connect students with police officers, positive experiences in the classroom translates to positive experiences on Haringey’s streets.