Hope in Haringey’s project to connect African schools with its diasporan communities in Haringey took a major step forward, with Woodside High and Okrika National School in Nigeria making the first continental connection.

By Omar Alleyne-Lawler, Communications Manager

The Haringey African Schools Partnership took a major step forward this week when Hope in Haringey saw the successful connection of two partner schools. Pairing White Hart Lane’s Woodside High School with River State’s Okrika National School, Nigeria, the tandem forms one-third of the six schools on the project.

Steering the connection were Chika and Fabiana, graduates of Hope in Haringey and Sister System’s Women in Leadership course. Having been promoted to Advisory Board positions, Chika and Fabiana facilitated the connection of the two education centres by reaching out to the Headteacher of Woodside High, Angela Wallace and Okrika National School representative, Tonye Philemon. Now connected, the schools will remain in contact via WhatsApp to make information sharing quick, easy and cost-efficient.

Overseeing the connection was Hope in Haringey’s Projects Manager, Chloe Hedman who said of the project “Chika and Fabiana are young leaders who were part of a group of six girls who completed their NVQ Level 2 in Leadership. They were selected to represent Woodside High in this unique programme to encourage cultural exchange and partnership with their two counterparts in Nigeria. Today’s meeting was a productive discussion on practical steps to move forward […] The girls are currently in year 10 doing their mocks but are enthusiastic and looking forward to meeting their counterparts in Nigeria online.”

As previously reported, the success of the Haringey African Schools Partnership aims to grow into an international charitable organisation called AfroUrban Futures UK. Currently being developed by Harris Academy students under Hope in Haringey’s Media Mentor Programme, the progression of the two projects is on course to converge upon all six schools making their connections.