Hope in Haringey – rooted in Tottenham Director, Rev. John Wood MBE remembers Her Majesty in a moving Linkedin post.

            By Communications Manager, Omar Alleyne-Lawler

Awarded an MBE in 2014 for his work in the Tottenham area following the Mark Duggan Protests and riots, Rev. John Wood MBE remembered the Queen by reflecting on the first time he met her.

“I only met Queen Elizabeth once and it was on the last Sunday of 1980 after a church service at Sandringham. She had signed a Bible she wanted me to take to King’s College Budo in Uganda.

I was going out to teach there in the New Year, with the country still recovering from the misrule of Idi Amin and the school from having been used as a military base for his final defence of Kampala. The Bible was enthusiastically and gratefully received and is still in the Chapel today.

Queen Elizabeth II, Bishop Wood and Rev. John Wood met in 1980

Looking at the photo now I’m reminded of her interest but also of a focused and challenging assessment of my motivation and intentions. I probably wasn’t even clear what they were!

Her advice and example then would have been how she lived in her last week – serve people, don’t desire to be served. Be interested and curious, don’t talk about yourself. Learn as well as give.

So thank – you for all you’ve taught us about a life well lived your Majesty. RIP #queenelizabeth #kingscollegebudo