The Tottenham-based charity will be developing its Staff Support, Safeguarding areas as well as its Haringey African Schools Partnership project with the appointment of Liz Morris, Resham Mirza and Tonye Philemon respectively for the new academic year.

By Omar Alleyne-Lawler, Communications Manager

Hope in Haringey’s volunteer Board of Trustees will be larger going into the new academic year with strategic appointments being made across its business development, policy, and project delivery areas.

The new ‘guardians of purpose’ will see the charity deepening its provisions for staff in a new Staff Support role, led by Hope in Haringey’s previous Mentoring Trustee, Alex Gyasi.

Liz Morris joins as Mentoring Trustee

Filling the Mentoring Trustee vacancy will be a new appointee, Liz Morris.

Liz, who has previously served as a Liberal Democrat Councillor for Highgate, will bring her campaign experience and West Haringey connections to the Mentoring Project.

Vitally, safeguarding will also be strengthened too, with Resham Mirza joining as Safeguarding Trustee. Mirza’s appointment extends Hope in Haringey’s safeguarding commitment, with the new trustee tasked with working alongside its independent Safeguarding Chair, Chris Miller.

Resham Mirza joins Hope in Haringey as its Safeguarding Trustee

As Tiverton school’s former Headteacher, Resham has a wealth of experience protecting young people. Now mentoring ESOL & vulnerable young adults, Resham has been helping mentees develop their employability skills. At Hope in Haringey, she will be responsible for Hope in Haringey’s safeguarding policy and practices.

Meanwhile, the growing Haringey African Schools Partnership project will also be accountable to a trustee, Tonye Philemon. Tonye is a local activist who runs the Tottenham Food Bank whilst also being a Pastor at Freedomsark Church in Tottenham.

Tonye Philemon joins Hope in Haringey as Haringey African Schools Partnership Trustee

These new selections represent a show of force from the charity, demonstrating Hope in Haringey’s commitment to delivering high-value projects and providing high-quality projects for all of its service users and beneficiaries.


On the announcement, co-Chair of Trustees, John Stevenson said: “We treasure the professional capital that each and every Trustee contributes to the Board in furtherance of the work of Hope in Haringey. Liz, Tonye and Resham bring a considerable amount of experience and expertise to their Trustee roles in the areas of community and civic service, education and safeguarding which are germane and key to Hope in Haringey. I am very pleased that they are enriching our Board and its deliberations.”