Hope in Haringey and charitable partners were visited by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. The surprise visit took place at Hale Village, Tottenham, where over 150 of Haringey’s young people were taking a small break from activities being run by Hope in Haringey and partner, ThruLife.  

By Omar Alleyne-Lawler, Communications Manager

Co-Chair, John Stevenson and Youth Manager, Andrew Boateng welcome Mayor Khan on behalf of Hope in Haringey

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan visited the Ferry Lane Estate and Hale Village’s Engine Room last week in a visit to the Haringey Borough. Joined by the Leader of Haringey Council, Cllr Peray Ahmet, MP for Tottenham, David Lammy, Deputy Mayor of London, Joanne McCartney and Director of the Violence Reduction Unit, Lib Peck, it was a fantastic opportunity for London’s leaders to hear about Haringey’s challenges.

Welcomed by a friend of the charity and Chief Executive of the Bridge Renewal Trust, Geoffery Ocen, the Mayor was in the borough to visit the Bridge Renewals Trust’s violence reduction initiative, Home Cooked as well as other Tottenham-based charities such as Hope in Haringey.

Some of Haringey’s young people were given a chance to field questions to the Mayor of London

Such a visitation was welcomed by Hope in Haringey, who was on site with sports camp organisation, Thrulife. Currently utilising the Ferry Lane Cruyff Court for an out-of-term summer sports camp, the young people in attendance were able to pitch questions to the Mayor.

Answering questions proposed by young people across two Q&A sessions, the Mayor and fellow VIPs we able to hear about Haringey’s struggles from the borough’s denizens. Whilst familiar with the threats and challenges gang, youth and knife violence pose to Haringey’s community, hearing it from people of the area was an illuminating experience for the Mayor and his team.

Co-Chair of Hope in Haringey, John Stevenson said the event was a fantastic opportunity for the people of Haringey to be platformed and was proud of HiH’s role in making it happen.

With solutions proposed by Mayor Khan, his team and members of the Safer Neighbourhood board, the future of the borough looks safer and more optimistic. Hope in Haringey would like to thank the Mayor, David Lammy MP, Cllr Peray Ahmet, Deputy Mayor Joanne McCartney and Lib Peck for their visit and to Geoffery Ocen for the invitation.