The award is the first grassroots fundraising win for the charity since its change to Hope in Haringey. It marks an early success in the charity’s ongoing campaign to develop and support the employability skills of young people.

 By Omar Alleyne- Lawler, Communications Manager

In a competition hosted by FirstGive, year 7 students, from Dukes’ Aldridge’s 7R, out-performed seven bids representing charities such as Cancer Research UK, The Race Equality Foundation, and Centrepoint to win Hope in Haringey £1,000.

Youth Manager, Andrew & Development and Mentoring Manager, Hannah visit Dukes Aldridge and spend the morning sharing HiH’s work with the students.

Working on their presentations since returning from the Christmas and New Year break, students were tasked with researching local charities they believed had a significant community impact.

“We went online and found Hope in Haringey. We [looked] at the website and [saw] everything you did in the community and thought it was cool and asked you to come in” said Student S.

Encouraged by the passion shown by the students, Youth Manager, Andrew Boateng and Development and Mentoring Manager, Hannah paid them a visit. By spending time with the students, both parties learned more about each other. For students it was about HiH’s work in Haringey and for HiH staff it was the needs of Duke’s students.

After a dazzling performance, the First Give Cheque was handed over to the Dukes’ Students and HiH

Meanwhile, Communications Manager, Omar assisted the young campaigners with visual aids and promotional material for their social action.

“After Hannah and Andrew visited us, and we got all the pictures […] we started raising money for Hope in Haringey.” said Student P. By selling temporary tattoos, stickers, cupcakes, Mothers Day and Valentines Day cards, Form 7R raised more than £200 in just over a month.

But the big win was yet to come. Aware that the First Give presentations would be worth £1000, the form took their skills to new levels. Preparing a presentation, poem and hi-vis outfits, the students would go on to win against seven competitive presentations, securing the win for Hope in Haringey.

Hope in Haringey Director, Rev. John Wood MBE, said “HiH is delighted to have placed two new counselors at Dukes Aldridge, alongside a peer mentor from a joint project with a local charity, Sister System. Additionally, we will be seeing the Met’s Mounted Branch make a visit to the school as a special enrichment opportunity, so students can see the horses.” He continued, “We are also looking to provide rugby coaching in the coming academic year in partnership with Haringey Rhinos and elite rugby coaching from Joe Mbu. All our work is only made possible when we receive gifts like this from people like yourselves.”


Names of students have been changed to protect their identity under a collective agreement between our safeguarding policy & Dukes Aldridge