In a one-hour session, the veteran construction consultant delivered a masterclass for Haringey Sixth Form Business and Construction students, showcasing their commitment to the HiT Construction Mentoring Scheme.

Continuing its commitment to the future of Haringey’s Construction Students, Hope in Tottenham brought Business and Construction Students together with Cubit Consulting’s Director and Chartered Surveyor, David Harding.

Approaching thirty years of experience in the construction industry, David Harding hosted a Q&A session with the college students, giving them an insight into the fields of work they’re interested in.

As a Chartered Surveyor, David’s experience in construction spans across the business and site elements. David’s role as a Chartered Surveyor has given him experience in the commercial and construction elements, with his tricks of the trade being shared with the class.

The Haringey Sixth Form Students got to hear about some of the roles involved with a project, ranging from pricing, evaluating, and buying, to environmental and safety concerns. The workshop aimed to show students the many routes they can take to find a role that best meets their interests.

As a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, David Harding trained traditionally, graduating from Anglia Ruskin University in the early 90’s. However, since his graduation, the routes into the industry for aspiring Construction trainees has changed significantly, with David emphasising the need to network.

It’s why David offered attendees the opportunity to join his personally curated LinkedIn Group. Featuring over 5000 Construction Industry Experts, the LinkedIn Group promises students the opportunity to meet experts in the field and secure potential job and placement opportunities. If they are too intimidated, then the group promises to be a great place for them to learn more before giving the industry a go themselves.

Hope in Tottenham would like to thank David Harding and Cubit Consulting for their continued commitment to the HiT Construction Mentoring Project and Haringey Sixth for their time.