During this extraordinary time, Hope in Tottenham continues its role in engaging with police in our local area.

DCS Treena Fleming, Borough Commander for North Area has asked HiT to help circulate her messages around policing during the COVID-19 pandemic to our local partners in Haringey. So we have been sending them to faith leaders, school headteachers, businesses, youth workers, community leaders and housing officers to be passed to their contacts.

HiT believes that clear communication on the nature of the restrictions in place for the public during the lockdown, and the powers and strategy the Police have been given for ensuring they are observed, help in their primary task to ‘engage, explain and encourage’ before they need, if at all, to enforce.

We hope in this way that the whole community can be involved in containing the spread of COVID-19 in a responsible and mutually supportive way, and the principle of policing by consent be upheld at such a critical and time.

Advice on crime prevention, contact details for local police officers, support pathways for those at risk of domestic abuse and information on how to recognise telephone scams have all also been shared to strengthen community confidence and aid personal safety.

DCS Fleming said, ‘I am extremely grateful to HiT for helping and supporting both North Area Police and our communities during these difficult and unprecedented times.  I really wanted to ensure that my regular updates and messages reached as many of our partners and residents as possible and that is why I enlisted the help of HiT, as I knew they would support me in this endeavour and that their influence would be far-reaching with their wide network of friends and professional contacts.

This is a public health emergency and from the outset I made it clear to our officers and staff here on North Area that we should police this situation in a way that is community-focused and proportionate, being a reassuring presence for our communities and safeguarding our most vulnerable residents.  I would, therefore, like to thank Rev. John Wood in particular for his wise counsel, unfaltering support and desire to unite all our communities in an effort  to prevent the spread of this terrible virus, protect our NHS and ultimately save lives.’  

If you would like to be sent any of this information do be in touch by email.

Rev. John Wood MBE
HiT Engagement Manager