Hope in Tottenham’s professional development project for Media students, which sees professionals work alongside Haringey’s young people began at Haringey Sixth Form today.

By Omar Alleyne-Lawler, Communications Manager

Aiming to equip the students with relevant skills for future careers in the media, the sessions bring communications agency, Blaze Communications face to face with the Media and Arts students.

Ahead of a major event on July 6th and in line with Hope in Tottenham’s Mentoring and Youth Programme aims, HiT’s Communications and Arts Project teams have engaged Haringey Sixth Form students on a live project.

Isabella and Gergo practice interview videography and portrait photography

Tasked with creating digital media materials and a new website for Hope in Tottenham’s rebranding on July 6th, the charity will rely on the students and their emerging talent. Tasked with training this raw talent into a cohort of young professionals is Blaze Communications’ Jodie Weber, Hope in Tottenham’s Arts Officer, Richard Dixon and Communications Manager, Omar Alleyne-Lawler.

The trio will task students with developing video interviews, creating videos, photographs, and social media content. This will run alongside a professionalisation course teaching students web development, branding, and media kits for clients.


The skills will be transferrable, as the students selected for the project are currently working in the media industry, or are looking to develop their own brands and businesses in the next few years.

It is why Hope in Tottenham has made this project eligible for students to place on their CV’s. Aiming to support students going forward as they start their careers, this project fits firmly within the operational aims of HiT’s Youth and Mentoring Programmes. Designed to improve the life chances of young people in Haringey between the ages of 4 and 24, HiT’s Youth Programme develops young creatives by providing creative outlets. Meanwhile, HiT’s Mentoring programme connects young people with established career professionals who provide employability advice. This professional development project for Media students covers both the creative and employability needs for Haringey’s young people.