Hope in Haringey – rooted in Tottenham enhances the lives of local young people between the ages of 4 and 24 through its four core programmes of short-term, early intervention Counselling, employability Mentoring, Youth projects and Police Engagement.

We work to improve Haringey’s community resilience and improve its cohesion despite being one of Britain’s most volatile urban areas.

Our staff are local residents who are experienced in their relative fields and use their extensive social capital to strengthen our volunteer base. This allows Hope in Haringey to deliver low-cost, high-impact activities and services, making us a perfect sponsorship and investment opportunity.

HiH connect Park View with Elevated Minds for Police Race Action Plan

Hope in Haringey’s Police Engagement Programme successfully connected PRAP delivery partner, Elevated Minds with Park View School. This connection means the opinions of Tottenham’s youth...Read more

Haringey Youth Summit tackles key issues for 2024

Co-sponsored by the Safer Neighbourhood Board and Bridge Renewal Trust, Hope in Haringey brought the 2024 edition of the Haringey Youth Summit to Dominion Centre,...Read more

When Esther Awovi Akafia came to Tottenham

The Founder and CEO of Pioneers International Academy, Esther Awovi Akafia visited Tottenham last month, visiting local schools, the iconic stadium and seeing the progress...Read more

Hope in Haringey Youth rolls out new boxing and fitness provision

Valued as a ‘way to let our frustration and anger and instil self-confidence’, Hope in Haringey Youth has recruited two England Boxing qualified coaches, Bradley...Read more

HiH takes its safeguarding responsibilities very seriously. To view our policy and relevant officials that uphold it please click here.